• Elle

Authenticity over Perfection

Honestly, I’ve never concerned myself with appearing perfect...

The reality is nothing is perfect, nada! If you look close enough at any person or image you’ll always find an imperfection.

In the age of social media and “#goals” we have to be sure of our personal values. Ive always valued and respected authenticity over perfection.

In all that I do, I focus on staying true to who I am and who I am not. I chose long ago to love all of me and embrace every single flaw👏🏽.

I believe God intentionally made us with flaws. Even that was part of His genius

masterpiece. He handcrafted every fiber of our being and knew where we’d fall short, be weak and vulnerable.

What I’m saying is, There’s no need to hide our weaknesses...we all have them.

Truly loving yourself means embracing your sum total. As we strive to grow and become better we also must realize perfection isn't the goal but rather becoming our most authentic selves. (🗣Read that again!)

A confident women isn’t a perfectly shaped or styled woman, she’s a women who is self aware and self embracing! 👌🏽

So self embrace!! I love y’all! Have a happy Monday ❤️😘

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