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🎂🥳Happy 33 to Me!🎂🥳

Because I’m authentically uncontainable, I decided to write 33 random things & let it flow. I only edited one. Can you guess which one? Lol 😌☺️🤫

33 Things

Endurance. God has given me the ability

to climb and push no matter the distance.

My first born. She’s a pure angel. Beautiful, silly & smart. She’s goals for ME!

My warrior son. He’s the true mini me. He’s

my mirror and my reason to keep fighting for God’s plan.

My future. You are great and I will not stop till I get to you.

Mango. You da best

Peace. You are my focus and my reassurance.

Joy. Indescribable...

Holiness. I’m committed.

Truth. People love and hate you but I’m

Forever committed to you.

Discipline. I hate to do it but I’m embracing you daily.

Bae. I’ve forgotten who you are at the moment. 🤔

Gold. Glittery to be exact. You make life exciting, thank you!

Coffee. What can I say? You make me

happy and a little anxious. I don’t know if I still need you but I’m not looking to leave ya!

Humor. You’ve been my life accessory. We have some private moments and I appreciate you. You’re the cure to my annoying moments.

Heels. Women love you and so do men. You really jazz up the most basic of outfits.

Jeans. I’ve really embraced you this year. I prefer you hole-y (🤣🤣😇).

Gold hoop earrings. You’re my rider. Casual or dressy, you’re the MVP! NY foreva ✊🏽

KUWTK. You’re my guilty pleasure and I’m


Mom. You are my forever! Thanks for it all. I’ll pay you back, promise!

My ex. I’m making your last name great 😜

Jesus. Lover of my soul. I’ll declare

your goodness till I see you face to face. Then I’ll just harass you in eternity☺️

Blogging. You got me! I held off as long as I could, but I’m back boo 😉

Jollof & Lamb/ Suya You’re the best. I want ya & I need ya! 🇬🇭

Alkaline water. What was life before you?

ARC CITY. We are 🔥

My sisters. We can’t just be friends cuz it’s so much more than that. Y’all the realest. Thank you! Seriously

223. Fo life. I only turn up for y’all

Shopping. We can’t get enough of each other. You’ve always been my love.

Growth. You’ve dragged me...I welcome you. I side eye you too. You ain’t done yet?!🤦🏽‍♀️

Love. Till death do us part. 🥰

Holy Spirit. I would be lost without you. Big ups!

Cesar Salad. How did this happen? You’ve been there all along and I never knew you were the one for me. I can’t get enough of ya!

Me. We are on year 33. I love you boo! ❤️

Cheers 🥂

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