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Style Confidence

“Style Confidence“ begins with inner freedom. Allow yourself to express who you are in every season!

The thing is...there really are NO RULES when it comes personal style!

Lately I’ve been drawn to shades of ivory and white. There’s something pure, classy, beautiful, and refreshing about it. Regardless of the fear that white often can often be unflattering on women, I wanted to make it work! It’s that simple. I wanna wear white, so I will! 💥Boom 💥

Also, normally I am cautious about rompers and how they can be weird when you have a gut, but I took the risk, ordered it from @boohoo for $20 and LOVE it!

The material is lightweight and forgiving and the shorts are a comfortable length that makes it versatile! I can wear it anywhere basically! (Some rompers can come up really short when you have long legs 🤭.)

I was so happy I stretched myself and found a unique summer piece I LOVE!!

I’d love to help you do the same! 🥳🛍🥳🛍

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* Peep the pic...your style should make you smile so much your eyes disappear🤣🤣😆😆

Shoes: Lola Official $25 (celery green color)

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