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This weekend I was blessed to witness one of the most beautiful and powerful weddings of the year!


My amazing cousin Vance married his stunning bride Gabrielle. Vance is a young adult ministry Pastor here in Atlanta and Gabrielle is a kindergarten teacher from Arizona.

Over the spand of 3.5 years they built a beautiful and inspiring love story that brings hope back to fairytale like love. They endured a long distance love and finally are together on each other’s arms forever!


The anticipation for this day was felt by many. Family and friends traveled from Arizona, New York, Texas, etc to witness this union.✈️

Vance and Gabrielle asked my sweet girl Ava to be their precious flower girl. While Gabrielle’s nephews were the adorable ring bearers.🥰

Vance and Gabrielle’s love for each other and their honor for God were laced into each and every aspect of the evening. The vows brought me to continual tears as their deep love and appreciation to God freely flowed.

Their declaration of loving, serving and supporting one another into eternity was awe inspiring. These two are the epitome of kingdom love and courtship👏🏽👏🏽.

I must take this time to say to my cousin...


Ive known you your entire life. I’ve seen you grow from a young active and daring boy, to a sophisticated, responsible, handsome man of God. Your last couple years of ministry and love have been one of my personal TOP motivators. This marriage hits different because it’s kingdom! I was in cousin mode yesterday simply soaking it all in and crying tears of joy during your vows to Gabrielle and your mother/son dance. Im proud of you beyond what I can express.

I came home at 11pm and couldn't come down from

the joy high I was on.

I was so wrapped up in celebration mode I forgot to take blogger pics so I snagged IG story shots from wedding guest to write this 👀🤣.

Thank you for reminding me the wait is worth it😭🙌🏽. You remind me that young and fly uncompromising kingdom men do exist! I love you 🤗


Your beauty is breathtaking! Thank you for loving and supporting my cousin. That you for honoring him as he honors God. Thank you fo being a true help meet. I love you and I cant wait to see ALLLLLLL God has in store for you two! You have stepped into a level of blessings and favor many dream about!

Thank you for allowing my baby girl to be a part of your day. I am so grateful to have you join our family!

Your joy and silliness is so refreshing! Bless you 😘

Cheers to The Smiths!!🥂

*Thanks to everyone who posted on IG! Y’all the real MVPs!!

Montell Jordan performed live!!! 🎤 🎼🎤

Boxwood Bridal 👏🏽👏🏽

Meadows at Mossy CreeI Venue is soooooo gorgeous!!!!

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