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Why do I need a personal stylist?

Heeeeey guys! So one of the topics I will continuously discuss is why having a personal stylist is a LIFE CHANGER. There are countless benefits to having a bomb personal stylist. I will address a few today...

1. Help!!!

I always see women ask friends what they think of an outfit or if it looks good on them. It’s best to have the advice of someone who will be honest AND helpful. Someone who not only sees and respects

you for who you are now, but one who will also help prepare you and push you towards your future best self. Fit, quality, and purpose should always be a focal point.

I will help you get to your best self! 💃🏽💃👌🏾

2. Time

Many women are busy! Between work, school, marriage, kids, activities and business we are tired and booked! Hiring someone to take shopping off your hands is a B👏🏽L👏🏽E👏🏽S👏🏽S👏🏽I👏🏽N👏🏽G👏🏽.

I met one client at a mall next to her job and spent 25 minutes getting her a new professional look. I did the work and had several options ready for her to try on upon arrival. She tried on, picked what she loved, checked out and happily went back to work. I do all the hard work for you and you simply get to try, swipe and go!

3. Affordability 💰

My specialty is frugal shopping: New, inexpensive items. I rarely go to thrift stores (I hate the feel of the stores y’all I’m a lil boujie 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️). I love NEW clean items you can easily wear immediately. My mom and friends always laugh at the fact that I can find the best pieces for so low! I’m convinced its a literal gift from God y’all. 🙌🏽

So I will help you see how you can slay without putting a dent in your purse. There are secrets to shopping success and I will help you do a lot with a little. Your budget for a shopping session can be way lower than you think!

Book your session now! 🛍🎊🛍🎊🛍

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